December 6, 2023

AUSTRALIAN FIRE 2018: looking back at a huge loss, almost 3400 hectares,


  January 16, 2018 • Australia

Currandooley fire’s first anniversary sparks reflection  

Credit:  Currandooley fire impacts linger one year later | Louise Thrower | Goulburn Post | January 16 2018 | ~~

The green tinge on pastures …

Turbines in bushfire prone regions

very simple argument constructed from four points

1) Wind turbines are machines that are prone to mechanical failure.

2) When they fail they can Cause Fires and throw oil and debris for hundreds of metres.

3) Wind Turbines have …

Wind turbine erupts into flames southwest of Abilene

August 26, 2011

Credit:  By Wayne McCormick, KTXS News,

Fire Chief Gary Young said the fire started in the wind turbine tower and then spread to grass around the tower

ABILENE, Texas — Firefighters from at least three … Read more...