June 24, 2024


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You may also comment on these subjects:

Animals — effects on pets, livestock, wildlife, birds
Pets, livestock
 — dogs, cats, cattle, horses, goats etc
Wildlife — birds, bats, bees, deer, frogs etc

Electrical — stray voltage, power surges, dirty electricity
Interference — tv, radio, phone, satellite, internet interference
Power surges — damage to appliances, furnaces, A/C or even public utilities
Stray voltage, dirty electricity — in barns, fields, homes

Flicker — shadow flicker, blade glint, caused by blades passing in front of sunlight

Health — nausea, headaches, tinnitus, vertigo etc.
Balance problems – dizziness
Heart palpitations — AFib, irregular heartbeat
Anxiety — feelings of dread, angst
Vibration — feelings of body parts (eg. chest wall, eyes) oscillating or trembling
Depression — feelings of loss of control or hope…
Ear pain — Painful ear pressure (not tinnitus)
Plugged ears — sensation of plugged ears, difficulty hearing, ears pop when out of range of turbines.
High blood pressure — blood pressure that has risen especially in the morning after a night of sleep
Nausea — sick feeling or vomit
Tinnitus — ringing in the ears
Vertigo — dizziness
Headaches — headaches, migraines
Skin irritation — rashes, sores that won’t heal, itching
Sleep disturbance — awakened by turbines, with or without difficulty getting back to sleep
Difficulty focusing — hard to concentrate, keep attention focused
Other health symptoms — other observations

Noise & Vibration — audible, low frequency, mechanical
Vibration — vibration of objects in the home
Low Frequency — high pitched noise or low hum heard by you
Mechanical — screeching, shut off clunking, whining, hum
Audible — thumping, whooshing, like an airplane that never lands

Property — unsold home, devalued sale, loss of enjoyment
Land damage — agriculture fields, deforestation, landscape destruction
Abandoned home — owner has abandoned house
Well water — Well water output drops or is contaminated
Loss of enjoyment — do not do outdoor activities such as gardening
Tourism — not camping, visiting area
Unsold property — home, farm on the market and hasn’t/didn’t sell

Social Disruption — can’t have people come to your home, community torn up, anger instead of happiness in the home and communtiy

Turbine failure — blade throw, ice throw, tower collapse, fire
Blade throw — turbine blade thrown
Ice throw — chunks of ice thrown off blades
Tower collapse — tower collapse
Turbine fires — fires caused by turbine failure

Unethical behaviour — closed door meetings, buyouts, lies, gov’t officials not divulging information, wind developer reps misrepresenting the information about turbines.

Other — For anything that does not fit neatly in the other categories