July 21, 2024

Ontario Fire College – Calendar


The Ontario Fire College continues to be the focal point of education and training for fire services in the province of Ontario. As an education and training centre of excellence, the college is continually engaged in transforming itself to better serve fire department training needs, as well as fire protection needs of all municipalities in Ontario. Last calendar year, the college reached new milestones by delivering more courses, and more off?campus courses, than in any previous year. This was a major step forward in achieving the goal of becoming more accessible, while providing quality education and training.

To build on the successes of last year, I envision that this year’s calendar will continue to build on making the Ontario Fire College the focal point of fire service education and training. To that end, we are establishing an e?registration process to better serve our stakeholders. We continue to build stronger working relationships with regional training centres. This year, courses offered at some of these centres across the province are identified in our course calendar. In addition, some partnerships have been established with e?learning groups to provide online courses. This delivery method will make training more accessible and affordable, as requested by our stakeholders.

Programs and courses are being transformed in order to better serve your needs. Keeping in mind the importance of the three lines of defense, the Public Educator course is being revamped and will become a core course in the Fire Prevention Officer Diploma Program. As a result, graduates of the diploma program will obtain both the Public Information Officer and the Public Educator certificates as part of the program. Workshops that focus on specific topics and issues will also be offered to public educators.

In addition, courses such as FLASHOVER, Master Trainer Facilitator, and Trainer Facilitator have been revamped. Other courses, such as the Solar Panel course and the Fire Safety Inspection and Enforcement seminar, have been added to the calendar to fill a need identified by the fire service in Ontario.

The Ontario Fire College is committed to working with all of our stakeholders and partners to continue to provide high quality education and training that is attainable, accessible, and affordable from an on?campus, an off?campus, and an e?learning perspective. I hope that you will continue to take advantage of these opportunities and continue growing with the Ontario Fire College.

Lastly, as the Ontario Fire College continues to transform itself, I thank you for your contribution and dedication to the education and training transformation process. With your strong partnership and continued support, we will continue to provide exemplary education and training for a safer Ontario.

Tadeusz (Ted) Wieclawek
Fire Marshal of Ontario


Online Course Offerings

The OFC has partnered with CERPS (Centre for Emergency & Public Safety) to offer Legislation 101, CO 30102, CO401, CO701/FPO601, CO 703, CO 704/FPO604, CO 901, and the Solar Photovoltaic Systems, Wind Turbines, and Firefighter Safety courses online. Equivalency for EPC can also be obtained through Get Ready Online Inc. More information on how to register is available in the 2013?2014 Calendar under the heading “ONTARIO FIRE COLLEGE COURSES OFFERED ONLINE”.


Download the Ontario Fire College 2013 – 2014 Calendar …

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