December 11, 2019


Turbines on Fire

Wind turbine fires, accidents, and fatalities are nothing short of criminal.  In this site we will provide a focus on these events that are deathly, with developers providing no protection to individuals or communities that have projects foisted on them.  Examine this site and discover the truth about the lack of control, regulation, protection, for people, animals, landscapes, and communties.  Any other industry would be and is required to have much more accountability.


“To the Wind Industry and Wind Developers, rural America is no different than a third world country.

They enrich a few landowners, pay for a school or fire truck, persuade some of the locals with their good intentions, pit the rest of the people against each other, then they take what they want.”

– Eric Rosenbloom, Vermont Writer and science editor


wind turbine fires


1. Why are there no REGULATIONS regarding safe placement of wind turbines, including fire protection equipment available at every turbine location?
2.  Why have there been so many fatalities in the industry so much so that some are forced to close down due to excessive insurance costs and unwillingness of providers to insure?
3.  What is the net loss from turbine fires to homes, livestock, land use, wildlife, air quality?
4.  Are turbines the Breath of Life, or the Kiss of Death? See:  Paul Gipe
5. What are the health implications of turbines on fire: where is reporting and recording of ill health, displacement, due to the burning chemicals and fumes and pollutants?
6. Is this an industry operating with virtually no controls?


“Developers often claim that their technology is safe, and whenever there has been a wind turbine fire, or other form of serious accident, the developer is often quick to state that this is a rare occurence. Yet you only have to look at insurers reports to get a better understanding of accident rates and insurance claims made by wind energy developers to get a truer account of the health and safety aspect of turbines.

According to the IMIA Insurance of Wind Turbines report, a report that was compiled based on 15 years of the Wind Energy industry in Danish markets; Mechanical faults (blade failure and other faults) accounted for 40% of claims, Lightning accounted for 20% of claims, Fire accounted for 7% of claims, Storm accounted for 4% of claims, Liability for 0.5% of claims, and Others (LOP, short circuit, etc.) accounted for 28.5% of claims.

On 11 December 2011 the Daily Telegraph reported that RenewableUK confirmed that there had been 1500 wind turbine accidents and incidents in the UK alone in the past 5 years.

Caithness Wind Farms have compiled a detailed report on wind farm accidents throughout the UK and Internationally, by sourcing news articles, accident reports and insurance documents. They state that:

Fire is the second most common accident cause in incidents found. Fire can arise from a number of sources – and some turbine types seem more prone to fire than others. A total of 185 fire incidents were found.

The biggest problem with wind turbine fires is that, because of the turbine height, the fire brigade can do little but watch it burn itself out. While this may be acceptable in reasonably still conditions, in a storm it means burning debris being scattered over a wide area, with obvious consequences. In dry weather there is obviously a wider-area fire risk, especially for those constructed in or close to forest areas and/or close to housing or work places. Two fire accidents have badly burned wind industry workers.”



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Ill Wind

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