Meretricious: Plausibly significant but actually false and insincere; specious. Also, pretentious, deceptively pleasing but intrinsically rotten. From the Latin

meretrix: a prostitute.

Meretricity: 1. Electricity produced by meretricious machines that seek to convert wind energy into modern power. 2. Electricity subsidized by meretricious politics. See also oxymoron, since wind technology cannot, of itself, produce modern power, and crony capitalism, since wind subsides could not exist without it.

GGLG Fire Presentation

Grampians-Glenthompson Landscape Guardians Inc.

In 2006, the Department of Sustainability and Environment calculated that the average number of hectares burnt in country Victoria through bushfire, is a staggering 115,338 Ha each year.

The causes of these fires include: lightning strikes; escapes from prescribed burns; arson; camp fires; cigarettes and matches; burning buildings; machinery; combustion from haystacks; and power lines and their stations.

Glenthompson’s current status of fire risk lies with bush fires through its location relative to the Grampians National Park. As this figure reveals, under the rating and relative risk to people from bush fires within Australia, Glenthompson is located within an area of extreme risk.


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