Meretricious: Plausibly significant but actually false and insincere; specious. Also, pretentious, deceptively pleasing but intrinsically rotten. From the Latin

meretrix: a prostitute.

Meretricity: 1. Electricity produced by meretricious machines that seek to convert wind energy into modern power. 2. Electricity subsidized by meretricious politics. See also oxymoron, since wind technology cannot, of itself, produce modern power, and crony capitalism, since wind subsides could not exist without it.

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Fanning the Flames… What do we really know about wind turbine fires?

By Suzanne Albright

The answer is pretty clear when it comes to fires that make the headlines; impressive videos of fires burning out of control, toxic black smoke filling the sky, burning turbine blades, and other parts shooting through the…

Suzanne Albright Executive Member Turbines on Fire

We welcome Suzanne Albright as Executive Member for Turbines on Fire. Ms. Albright is known for her writing on various wind turbine issues; including the importance of protecting flying creatures while in migration, monarch migration, and the dangers of pollution…

AUSTRALIAN FIRE 2018: looking back at a huge loss, almost 3400 hectares,

Image result for picture of wind turbine fire currandooley au

  January 16, 2018 • Australia

Currandooley fire’s first anniversary sparks reflection  

Credit:  Currandooley fire impacts linger one year later | Louise Thrower | Goulburn Post | January 16 2018 | ~~

The green tinge on pastures can…


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Wind Turbine Fires Signal End of Land-Based Wind Turbines
Posted by Long Islander on April 5, 2018 at 7:48pm

Hanover, Massachusetts, Oklahoma and Presque Isle, Maine have all seen dramatic wind turbine fires in the last few weeks.


Wind turbine blade snaps off in Iowa

Apr 9, 2013 7:10 PM  

by Shaina Humphries

Something big is missing at the Eclipse Wind farm in Adair, Iowa – a gigantic wind turbine blade broke loose and crashed into a field.

On Friday, a technician discovered…

RSPB makes a killing… from windfarm giants behind turbines accused of destroying rare birds

7 April 2013



  • The charity is making hundreds of thousands of pounds from wind power
  • But millions of birds, including at risk species, are killed by turbines each year


The RSPB is making hundreds…

Fire destroys top of wind turbine near Goderich

April 2, 2013


There will be one less wind turbine in Ontario.

An overnight fire has destroyed the top portion of a wind turbine at the Kingsbridge Wind Farm near Goderich, Ont.

The fire in the seven-year-old turbine…

Wind turbine collapses in Bradworthy, North Devon

January 29, 2013


A 35-metre turbine has collapsed near Holsworthy leaving the tower lying on the ground.

The turbine at East Ash Farm in Bradworthy was erected in 2010 by Dulas Ltd.

Dulas has confirmed this morning that…


January 13, 2013

ALL rural districts have been harshly reminded that bushfires are a major part of our lives.

Large contingents of volunteer fire fighters with ample aerial support and the occasional fortunate and timely wind shift certainly saved…

Oil spill on Bakke Mountain

January 10, 2013

by Marshall Rosenthal


Dear Editor,

Some time ago, before the start up of the wind turbines of the Hoosac Wind Project, I tried to warn your readers of the potential terrible effects that the spinning…