May 24, 2024

Firefighters and Wind Turbines

Fire Departments should develop SOPs/OGs on emergency incidents involving wind turbines.

Fires involving wind turbines may present a health and safety hazard to firefighters due to the electronics, flammable oils and hydraulic fluids that exist in the turbines. For example, up to 750 litres of hydraulic oil can be found in the nacelle. Electrical fires can also result from both shorts in equipment and surges that may result from lightning strikes. Additionally, secondary wind driven brush fires originating from wind turbine fires can also result in significant damage. Due to the height of wind turbines, firefighter health and safety may be endangered during a rescue from these turbines.

Fire Departments should contact the owner of the wind turbine(s) in their response area and establish the level of assistance that the fire department is able to provide. There may be opportunities for training and/or equipment to be provided to the local fire department from the wind turbine owner.


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