July 21, 2024

Safety and Turbines

Please read this article carefully.

Embedded are serious safety concerns about:
Photos speak volumes in this article; Safety of Wind Systems.

1.   Ejection of ice (ice throw)
2.   Electrical hazards
3.   An informal survey of 75 US wind farms (their word, we say factories), 60% were behind in regular maintenance
4.   Children must be prohibited from playing near or under the turbines, especially in icy or windy weather
5.   Inconsistent unproven safety siting rules to humans
6.   Blade ejection
7.   Tower collapse
8.   Lightning strikes
9.   Hazardous solvent chemicals
10. Oil spills
11. High voltage electricity and cabling
12. Risk assessment not reviewed on a yearly basis
13. Fatigue failure
14. Risk to low flying aircraft
15. Structural tower collapse
16. Shadow flicker
17. Dangers to livestock, cattle
18. Must be considered industrial sites and labelled to the public as such
19. Rotor over speed failure
20. No tall ladders to intervene in fire scenarios
21. Short circuits overheating alternators and gear box oil causing fire
22. Construction errors

It appears that regular maintenance of turbines is costly and about 60% of the time not being done. What casualties and fire risks are our legislators and developers placing in our path?

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